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prednisone order without prescription BIRCUS (BEERCUS), a Flemish pronunciation as if spelled with a tricked out Ï, is the collaborative brainstorm and clever invention of Circusplaneet, a youth circus in Ghent, Belgium. Circusplaneet was founded by Frank Dejanckheere, Gadele Dauwe and Emily Ghekiere: “They dreamed of a better world. A place where kids, youngsters and adults could celebrate their quirky creative zest of life. And all of this in an atmosphere of trust, solidarity and fun.”

accutane side affects At the 2010 Network of International Circus Educators Conference in Berlin, Circus Mojo’s Creator, Paul Miller, met Circusplaneet’s Coördinator, Matthias Vermael. An innovator, free thinker and showman, Vermael introduced Miller to BIRCUS, an idea sparked from the desire to eschew government funding in pursuit of circus autonomy. Fancy that! These kindred spirits bonded over a couple BIRCUS beers and planned to bring this big-top idea stateside. Miller licensed the concept and set forth to expand the Ludlow Theatre into a brewery connected to local history, community outreach, unique entertainment and stellar beer.  

NICE 2010 Berlin

cialis generico guatemala Network of International Circus Educators Conference, Berlin 2010

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viagra generico 25 mg italia pagamento online In 2015 Miller purchased equipment made in California by New World Brewing Systems in October of 1996, the month and year he proposed to “Gourmet” Renée, his wife of 18 years and namesake of the LLC. It was fate: love, circus and beer. The brewing system has a 5 barrel mash tun and brew kettle, three 10 barrel fermenters and three 10 barrel bright tanks. Each tank has a glycol jacket and there is a glycol storage unit in matching stainless.




The TTB, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, has granted Miller a Federal Brewer’s Notice. BIRCUS has secured a certificate of occupancy from PDS/the City of Ludlow and microbrewery permits from the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the City of Ludlow.  BIRCUS is distributed in Northern Kentucky by Chas. Seligman. 


BIRCUS, where the surreal world of circus meets the simple love of beer, will deliver a jaw-dropping, thirst-defying brewery experience. Our performers will juggle clubs, breathe fire, hula hoop, walk on kegs and amaze on the trapeze and aerial silks at the Ludlow Theatre and area venues serving our brew. Raise a glass, see a circus and toast to all.