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Imagine walking a slack-line between two hot air balloons 10,000 feet above the earth… (Do your homework and check the link)

Circus/ Zirkus (Wunderbar Together) Mojo is hiring and looking for circus performers to join our Troupe!

We are seeking circus performers for immediate hire for 2019 and beyond to learn, train, grow, and perform in the Chicagoland area and the Ludlow, Kentucky home base theater/brewery, Costa Rica, Germany, and around the world.


We are specifically looking for 6-9 artists/athletes/anarchists who can work as an ensemble in real-world circus practicum. We are seeking well rounded circus artists and/or artists able and willing to develop ground, aerial, acrobatic, and clowning skills. These positions begin as apprenticeships in the traditional circus model; Director/Chief Goof-Officer Paul Miller ran away as a clown with Ringling in the late 1900’s, toured the world and then post 9/11 founded CircEsteem. Miller has hosted artists from 35 countries all legally via visas. You will be able to work in ensemble and solo acts over a period of time (10 -12 days/month) with direction from professionals (More than just Pauly) with over 20+ years of experience in the traditional circus. Troupe will gain real life skills in concessions (in this case beer) learn sound design, lighting design, and rigging as well as leading workshop opportunities. As a member of the Troupe, most equipment is provided and you will have exposure to performance opportunities to take your work to the next level (cruise ships, international circus groups, traveling shows, etc.)



Current scheduled performances for 2019 and 2020 will take place:
-Chicago Daley Plaza (Late April Early May 2019)
-Chicago Area Brewery and Bar Tours
-The Ludlow Theater/BIRCUS Brewing Co.
-Across Kentucky (10 Poorest Counties in the USA)
-Atlanta, Georgia
-Costa Rica ( Chanda)


BIRCUS Brewing Co. is seeking circus artists to perform at the Ludlow Theatre (Just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio). While Budweiser has Clydesdales… BIRCUS has Circus Freaks. Aerialist, Jugglers, Acrobats & Clowns Runaway with Circus Mojo & The BIRCUS Brewing Co. 


Traditional circuses are fueled by concession sales. The Ludlow Theatre has hosted Artists from 35 nations Antigua to Australia, Canada to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Finland to France, Germany to Ghana, Malaysia to Mexico, Sudan to Suriname…


2nd International College Circus Festival May 2014 from Paul Miller on Vimeo.


While there are a plethora of training centers to acquire circus skills, opportunities to perform regularly for a live audience are dwindling. BIRCUS is offering “Artistic Residencies” with a live audience 4-6 nights a week. Workshop your act with real-time feedback in the Theatre as well as at venues that pour BIRCUS Beers.


BIRCUS Nashville Takeover (Proof of Concept) from Paul Miller on Vimeo.

The Chief Goof-Officer Paul Miller Tedx Talk has performed around the world and launched his professional career as a clown with Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus in 1996-97. He’s performed and produced shows around the world. His apprentices have gone on to work full time professionally at various venues in the circus industry.


Auditions will be held at MSA Circus Arts on March 28th 2019 – 7-10 PM.


Be prepared to showcase 2-4 minutes of your best work and play in an ensemble audition.


Compensation: Training space, shared apartment, travel allowance and weekly stipend + bonus is offered. Build a documented body of performance work with live audience amplified with 20,000 social media followers. Why pay to learn circus when there are traditional models that have worked for hundreds of years?

Email: Resume/video to