Paul Miller, Chief Goof-Officer (CGO)
Unless you have been living under a circus train, you have already heard of Chief Goof-Officer Paul. Our CGO is a Drama graduate of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and former Ringling Bros. clown whose passion and energy for the circus is unmatched. In 2009 he created Circus Mojo focusing on three rings: entertainment, education and community development. Under his direction, Circus Mojo provides quality performances and circus training catered to all audiences and brings laughter to those in special need at places like Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky. He has traveled the world speaking, performing, educating, learning, adapting and, most notably with BIRCUS, applying global innovations in circus to the U.S. marketplace.


Renée Miller, Gourmet Renée (Boss Lady)
Gourmet Renée, the Boss Lady and namesake of the LLC, married our CGO in October of 1997 and has written proposals, grants, newsletters and media content for his circus projects ever since. She contributed to numerous books while working in reference publishing in New York City and coauthored the book Lifetimes: The Great War to the Stock Market Crash (edited by historian Neil A. Hamilton). She has also worked as a massage therapist, English as a Second Language instructor and Zumba Fitness instructor. Opposite of her showman husband, she favors the library over the limelight. Renée often reflects on the Polish proverb, “Not my circus, not my monkeys,” but she knows this is her circus and her monkeys and her brewery … and would not have it any other way.


Sean Gregor, Brewmaster
Sean has been working in the brewing industry since his family’s brewery opened in 2012. Originally from Chicago, he came to the area in order to attend the University of Cincinnati. During his first two years at UC he was a member of the men’s swim team, but decided to move on to follow his passion for brewing. In his time in Chicago, Sean has had experience with every step of the brewing process, from putting together the grain bill to packaging the finished product.


Ryan Fardo, Strongmanager
Spectators are much more apt to see our Strongmanager sport a tool belt over a striped costume or hoist a beer over a barbell (although he would look cool in a handlebar mustache). Flexing brains over brawn, Ryan has vast knowledge and mighty skills from welding to woodworking, motorcycles to pneumatics, and photography to page layout. Upon graduating from design school, he ventured to California and landed a job with Rabbit Semiconductor, where he circumstantially learned about single board computers for embedded control and PLC functionality. He ultimately returned to his Northern Kentucky roots and continued to increase his skill set with unique opportunities. Coming to BIRCUS fresh off a year-long production line automation project, he has the know-how needed to set up, troubleshoot and maintain our 10 barrel brewing system.


Ginny Gribben, Hospitality Ringmistress
Introducing … drumroll, please … Ginny, our Southern Hospitaliy Ringmistress, whose rare combo of high-class and down-home charm is a crowd pleaser. She has 15 years of hospitality and management experience and 7 years of PR and administration experience. She is responsible for sales, facility rental and event coordination for Circus Mojo and the Ludlow Theatre. On top of this tall order, she helps monitor social media and marketing and oversees employees and students. Before joining the circus in January 2013, she served as Executive Assistant to the City Manager Coordinator of Special Projects in Garden City, Georgia, just outside Savannah. Industrious and gregarious, Ginny does it all and welcomes all with a smile.


Renée Harris, Administrative Acrobat
Not to be confused with Gourmet Renée, although it keeps folks on their toes, this Renée balances books with over 35 years of business and financial expertise. A multi-talented Administrative Acrobat, she has served as Circus Mojo’s Operations Manager since 2011 and handles licensing/compliance, tax inventory, insurance and financial statements, bookkeeping and cash management. She likewise performs similar duties for Circus Mojo’s partner and friend Wolfgang Bientzle, creator of CirquesExperience in Chicago, coach for Team U.S.A. Wheel Gymnastics and 8-time Gym Wheel World Champion. Renée is the 2016 Event Coordinator for the 12th World Gymnastics Wheel Championships at Mount St. Joseph University, a balancing act deserving big applause.


Roberto Arego Bedevia, International Artistic Director
Roberto’s illustrious title mirrors his distinguished résumé. He was the Principal Specialist of Circus Arts at Circuba, Cuba’s national circus, and Founding Director of Circo de Los Muchachos, Venezuela’s youth circus started by the world-renowned charitable organization Benposta. His mastery as a circus trainer and ministry with troubled youth makes him an invaluable asset to Circus Mojo. He has directed acts in France, Korea, Cuba, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Venezuela and now the U.S., elevating Circus Mojo’s training and performances to an unprecedented level. He has received many awards for his work, including a Diploma from the Ministry of Culture and a Certificate from the National Circus Company in Cuba. His acts are a must see at BIRCUS and beyond. Bravo, Roberto, take a bow.