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Alta Via • Altbier

IBU:34 Alc. 5.6% by Vol.

A traditional German style from Dusseldorf, this Altbier balances its hoppiness with a malty, complex base. This beer was fermented on the cold side for an ale, giving it a smooth finish and balanced flavor.


The name for this beer comes from the Latin word "altus," meaning "high," and refers to the rising yeast. The meaning also refers to the "high road" at BIRCUS, where we rise above the day-to-day with a unique brand and brewing experience.

Attila the Plum • Belgian Tripel

IBU:28 Alc. 9% by Vol.
A limited release brewed specially for KungFood Chu's Amerasia restaurant in Covington, KY, this Belgian Tripel with a twist is certain to please. A bold ale brewed with Asian plums and Chinese Black Tea. Only available at Amerasia or the Ludlow Tasting Room until it is gone!

Comic Walrus • Cranberry Ginger American Ale

IBU:9 Alc. 4.4% by Vol.

This ale has a crisp cranberry snap followed by a slight ginger finish. Perfect for the holidays but so refreshing it’s enjoyable all year long. 
Named after one of the many circus acts held at the Ludlow Lagoon in the late 1800’s and brewed for one of our investors.

Darkness on Elm Street • Dark Saison

IBU:28 Alc. 6.4% by Vol.
This beer is our first collaboration brew with Darkness Brewing in Bellevue, KY. Dark to the eye but light on the palate, our Saison has a neutral hop profile that keeps the bitterness at bay while allowing the peppery yeast notes and fruity esters to shine through.

Diving Elk • Belgian Dubbel

IBU:25 Alc. 6.7% by Vol.
Our take on a traditional Belgian Dubbel, this dark, rich ale with deep Belgian roots is produced using our house Belgian yeast coupled with Special B malts and dark Belgian candy sugar. This makes for a wonderful full bodied brew enjoyable year round.
Our first Tap-Room only release. Named for an act which (questionably) had elk and horses diving off a platform straight into the Ludlow Lagoon. A favorite attraction of the time. We personally consider it to be a great jumping off point to start your Belgian Style exBEERience here at Bircus.

Kilpatrick's One Legged • Dry Irish Stout

IBU:28 Alc. 4.5% by Vol.
Everyone needs a good stout in the lineup. We're no exception. In the land peanut butter, ice cream, candy canes and who even knows what will go into a stout next... we developed a strait-forward, bold & traditional Dry Irish Stout recipe.
Kilpatrick's One Legged Dry Irish Stout was named in honor of none other than Charles G. Kilpatrick. A one-legged performer of international fame in the late 1800's to early 1900's, he brought his act to our very own Ludlow Lagoon with a 60' high by 4' wide staircase which he blazed down on his bicycle. For this, we thank you Mr. Kilpatrick and we raise a glass of stout with your namesake as we toast to your legacy.

Lagoon • Scotch Ale

IBU:27 Alc. 7.0% by Vol.
Six kinds of grain bring out a complex character in this Scotch Ale. While Willamette hops offset the sweetness, this beer stays malty and smooth with subtle chocolate and coffee undertones.


The Ludlow Lagoon Amusement Park was a major entertainment hub in the Cincinnati region from 1895 to 1918 and remains a standout in the history of Ludlow. Funded by the backers of the Cincinnati and Covington Street Railway Company, you could take a streetcar from Fountain Square to the Lagoon entrance in 25 minutes. There was something for everyone: a large lake and boathouse for beach goers, a dance hall and amphitheater for artsy types, a midway with carnival games and food for the masses, and popular rides like the roller coaster Scenic Railway for thrill seekers. Actors, musicians and circus performers from around the world entertained as many as 40,000 people a week. Imagine seeing the Hungarian Royal Orchestra one week and McCart's Dog and Monkey Circus the next. Sadly, before the 1918 season, the park closed with the onset of wartime prohibition banning the sale of alcohol. Let's drink to the Lagoon.


IBU:11 Alc. 4.0% by Vol.
This light American Ale is GLUTEN REMOVED, Crisp & Refreshing.

Ludlow • American Pale Ale

IBU:41 Alc. 5.0% by Vol.

An assertive traditional American Pale Ale that has a few non-traditional, local ingredients like Blue Oven Farm’s toasted wheat. The clean citrus notes of our Amarillo hops come through to balance the supporting toasted wheat backbone.
Founded in 1846, this quaint Kentucky town on the Ohio River takes its name from landowner Israel Ludlow, whose father of the same name helped found Cincinnati. Prior to the town's platting, the land was awarded to Revolutionary War hero General Thomas Sanford, traded to real estate developer Thomas D. Carneal and sold to showman William Bullock, a guy madcap enough to inspire one of our beers. During the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, the city grew notably as a rail hub and gained notoriety with the Lagoon Amusement Park. Ludlow's population boomed with new construction in the 1920s and declined when folks moved to the burbs after World War II. In 1946 the city began sponsoring its annual Memorial Day parade for veterans, and the Ludlow Theatre opened its doors. Today Ludlow--connected to the river, railroads, patriotism and entertainment--has seen a revival with new residents, businesses, artists and, the obvious, a circus brewery. Come visit and stay for a beer.

Miss Patterson • Belgian Blonde

IBU:21 Alc. 5.9% by Vol.
This delicately balanced Belgian ale contains an elegant mixture of spices to compliment the present malty sweetness. Straw in color and hazy with a dense ivory head gives evidence of the wheat malt. A refreshing choice for an afternoon.


Anne Lee Patterson (1912-2003), graced with allure, class and talent, was a Ludlow native crowned Miss U.S.A. in 1931 at the age of 18 in Galveston, Texas. Dramatically winning the title over actress Dorothy Lamour by one vote, this blonde beauty queen became the "It Girl" of her hometown and country. That same year she was named runner-up in the Miss Universe Pageant and went on to perform in New York City, first in the Ziegfeld Follies and later in the musical Showboat. In 1932 she returned to Ludlow for a parade where music played through the streets and hundreds marched in her honor, followed by more festive hoopla at the city building. Cheers to Miss Patterson who, during the early years of the Great Depression, instilled pride and lifted spirits in the small town of Ludlow.



Pie Fighter Pilz • Pilsner

IBU:27 Alc. 4.8% by Vol.
For our first lager release, we went for a North German style Pilsner. Golden in color with a 100% German barley grain bill and mild notes of Mandarina Bavaria & Hallertau hops, this lager has a crisp, clean finish. Certain to be a Summer favorite.

SGHR IRON FEST • American Ale

IBU:20 Alc. 4.8% by Vol.
Special brew for the one and only the Southgate House Revival in Newport, KY. They came to BIRCUS with the task of tempting their rock-n-roll loving, PBR chugging patrons to equally enjoy a special collaborative brew made specifically for this epic 2 day rock show. Now a house brew at the venue, you can only enjoy this delightful American Ale at their establishment or in the BIRCUS Tasting Room while our reserve stock lasts!


IBU:55  Alc. 8.7% by Vol.
A truly amazing New England Double IPA! This 8.7% ABV juice bomb will be a sure crowd pleaser and is available in our taproom and select locations around town.


Brewed with 80 lbs. of fresh oranges and a hearty grain bill supported by flaked oats and lactose, our first New England style Double IPA drinks dangerously easy. This beer was dry hopped with nearly 4 lbs. per barrel of Mosaic, El Dorado & Amarillo further accentuating the citrus character of this beer.

Showman • IPA

IBU:62 Alc. 6.8% by Vol.
Unapologetically aggressive, our IPA uses a variety of hops to create a blend of nuances that range from earthy to fruity to white wine.  A neutral house yeast keeps the background soft to ensure this beer stays hop forward from start to finish.


Ludlow attracts a showman! William Bullock (1773-1849) traveled the world and earned his fortune as a showman presenting artifacts, ballyhoo and curiosities. He opened the museum Egyptian Hall in London in 1812, which later inspired legendary P.T. Barnum to create Barnum's American Museum in New York City. In 1828 Bullock purchased Ludlow from Thomas D. Carneal with the unabashed vision of developing the utopian community Hygeia, named after the Greek Goddess of Health. Bullock's dream went belly-up but his spirit lives on with BIRCUS, created in Belgium and brought to the U.S. through a licensing agreement between Matthias Vermael of Circusplaneet and Paul Miller of Circus Mojo. Like Bullock, Vermael and Miller think outside the big top.

The Breaded Lady • Kolsch

IBU:23 Alc. 4.8% by Vol.

Using Blue Oven Bakery’s bread to supplement the grain bill in this Kolsch Style Ale imparts a toasted bread finish to this light, easy drinking beer. German Mandarina hops add a subtle orange aroma.

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